Video Lesson - cell phone

$ 49.99

Get world class golf coaching in the palm of your handvideo golf lesson

Get on top of your golf game with a private lesson from Gabe - by cell phone.  

How it Works

Film a few short videos of your golf swing, then send them directly to Gabe on the phone number provided. Gabe will have a look at your swing and send you back a personalised video on the things you need to work on including drills specific to you.

An easy way to access world class coaching that will help you make dramatic improvements to your game.

You will transform your golf game faster than you ever have before.

After purchasing the lesson, you will receive a text message from Gabe with the next steps to get started.

Note: this is not a phone call or live video call with Gabe but he will record a personalised video lesson and send it to your number

This item is currently out of stock. It will be avaialbe in mid-August.