Gabe’s Charity

I co-founded Competitive Drive in collaboration with Brent Piattelli in 2014 to help junior golfers get tournament play experience.

Great golfers can come from anywhere, but some of the greatest junior golfers aren’t able to compete at the highest levels of junior golf because of lack of funds or lack of access to the right tournaments and mentors that can help elevate their golf game.

Competitive play helps kids develop high level goals and teaches them how to build the strategies and practice habits they need to attain those goals. The skills the juniors learn from competitive golf translate into habits and focus they use for the rest of their lives.

Competitive Drive provides the next level of support beyond the great start that The First Tee gives kids. Our mission is to give junior golfers opportunities to compete at the top levels of junior golf and open the doors for these focused juniors to scholarships and competitive play at the collegiate level and beyond.

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