Corporate Golf

Add Excitement to Your Next Corporate Event

Golf is a great way to gather people together in a comfortable setting outside of the office. Gabe Golf is proud to help companies set up exclusive and exciting events for their clients and employees. We can design events that are fun for all levels of golf, whether you have clients who are just getting started to advance golfers.

Gabe Golf will design customized events to help you,

  • Entertain your clients
  • Learn a specific shot or a series of shots
  • Create a day to remember
  • Enhance your corporate meetings and corporate events
  • Teach your most important clients how to master the short game by learning through mastering the 5 essential short game shots: chipping, pitching, bunker play, flop shots, and putting

You can have us host everything from an intimate small group for your VIP clients, to large events to entertain your entire conference.

Corporate Clinics

Corporate clinics are a great enhancement to a company’s health and wellness programs and serve to heighten team building. During corporate clinics, every level of golfer gets instruction specific to their level of play. Many companies choose to hire a person to video record the lessons so that attendees keep them for future reference and share them with members of the company.

  • Promotes and supplements your company’s existing health and wellness programs
  • All levels of golfers will receive instruction specific to their level
  • Learn how to host a corporate golf league for your employees or clients
  • Record videos of each lesson to share with all employees
Putting Drills with Gabriel Hjertstedt

Putting drills with Gabriel Hjertstedt

Reward an employee team that worked beyond expectations or welcome a new client with a half-day scoring school. We can handle groups of up to ten for a half day in either the morning or afternoon. Gabe will teach them:

  • how to play the perfect flop shot
  • to get out of the bunker every time
  • to spin chip and wedge shots like a pro
  • to make more putts guaranteed
  • to lift their confidence on the course

Corporate Events

  • Set up an off-site golf event for your employees
  • Let us arrange an extraordinary golf event for your best clients
  • Get a one-of-a-kind Pro-Am golf experience with Gabriel Hjertstedt
  • Gabriel can help you organize an event for either a small group or a large group

These events are truly a unique opportunity for you to help your clients and employees improve their golf game and lift their confidence levels around the green. Gabriel Hjertstedt will personally share with you 19 years of knowledge acquired playing professional golf at the highest level around the world.

Take this rare opportunity for you, your clients, and employees to learn from one of the best short game players in the world.

All packages can be customized to meet your specific requests.

Gabriel Hjertstedt welcomes all golfers.

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